Welcome to AMS Designs.co.uk. We aim to offer personalised, professional and most importantly affordable web design services. AMS Designs.co.uk provide a high quality service that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

The Internet is now one of the major ways that people interact, socialise and purchase products. Having an online presence is vital for a business to be seen and stand out amongst a very crowded market place. Having a website allows your business to reach a worldwide audience and is a very economical and effective means of advertising.

What Do We Offer?

Web Design Packages

If you are looking for a simple site to display and share your hobby or passion, or a company wishing to reach a wider audience, AMS Designs.co.uk can provide you with an attractive, cost-effective solution. AMS Designs.co.uk is skilled in a number of web design techniques and with our Basic, Standard and Advanced Design Packages, there will be something to suit all budgets.

Adobe® Flash® Projects

AMS Designs.co.uk also provides a Flash® Animation Service. Flash® Page Banners and Web Advertisements can be made to promote your business or add a new dimension to an existing site. Companies are realising the potential of Web Adverts to draw web traffic and potential customers to their site. A Web Advert built with Flash® is an attractive and effective means of advertisement.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines is how the majority of new potential customers find your website on the internet. However the average internet user will not go past page three of search results. So if your website does not appear in the first three pages, chances are the traffic to your site will be greatly reduced. AMS Designs.co.uk offers a very cost-effective SEO service starting from 30, with the potential of increased traffic and importantly potential customers to your site. SEO is something that no business should overlook.



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